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The market for farmed caviar (as opposed to wild caviar) has grown tremendously over the past years. Regulations in trade, environmental concerns, prices and the increasing quality of farmed caviar, have all contributed to its popularity.

Farming is becoming more prevalent and over a dozen countries now have viable commercial activities in caviar farming. Italy and France are among the most well-established producers in this field.

Unfortunately, the mismanagement of some wild sturgeon stocks has led to concerns over the future well-being of the wild caviar industry,

Both sturgeon eggs and its meat, are yielding benefits to sturgeon farmers. The quality of farmed caviar is extremely high and connoisseurs of caviar are also reassured by the fact that fish are farmed and selected based on their quality and monitoring takes place at every single stage.

One of the farmed caviars that has received strong reviews in the UK market is called Calvisius Caviar. Farmed in Italy, Calvisius Caviar comes from the White Sturgeon fish, which is also known as Acipenser Transmontanus.

To buy Calvisius Caviar, or other farmed caviars, we recommend you conduct an online search using keywords that include the brand (e.g. Calvisius) or the variety type (e.g. sevruga).

The weight of the White Sturgeon can reach 400kg and the fish may reach up to 6 meters in length. The name White Sturgeon is derived from the fish's white flesh.

  • Eggs are between 2.8mm to 3.2mm in size
  • Weight of the White Sturgeon can reach 400kg
  • Length of the White Sturgeon can reach 6 meters
  • Breeding of the sturgeon is monitored throughout the entire process, ensuring quality at every stage
  • Preparation is done by using traditional methods and farming adheres to strict European regulations
  • Sturgeons are born in a controlled environment which is conducive to conservation of the species
  • Calvisius Caviar has been produced in Italy since 1980 by Agroittica Lombarda

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